Monday, May 28, 2007


The 60's!

That's right my quiet blogging audience. This week is all about the 1960's that mystical time that happened before anybody posting on this blog was born! When hippies roamed the earth, when bellbottoms were worn, when corny sci-fi movies were made, When everybody smoked weed and did lsd... all the time! (correct me if I'm wrong but I think those where the only important things that the 60's produced)

I guess you are now wondering why we are starting this topic on girl 58 and not girl 60... I'm not quite sure but I think breaking some organizational ideas is easier than changing the 7-day week into a 10 day week. (I think some group of humans did the 10-day week thing, it didn't work out aparently. They just couldn't bring themselves to work three more days before the weekend)
also, you may have wondered why I am all of the sudden so talkative... well I dont know either because it doesnt seem to inspire you to type a darn comment once in a while. (even if it is just "lolz")


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