Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sketch and Finish Sketch 33

I need some rest, however I must finish this first.

okay, a little cleaner, but still a little dirty, I also threw in some easy on the eyes colors.
sets the mood of the girl.
on a side note, The surgery went well, and my computer is now working fine.
thank you guys for sending the flowers and get well cards. This weekend I will draw more.


Day 33 girl 33

gurl turdy tree!

I picked up some markers at the art store today. They didnt have any crayolas (3 bucks a box) so I had to settle with prismacolors (three bucks a marker), But I like 'em anyway. After scanning, I bumped the saturation because it looked cool (which, is a very good reason to do things. Things such as smoking, speeding, and picking your nose)