Sunday, May 27, 2007


This week's topic has black women. It's been fun and educational. Now we are moving on to a brand-spanking-new topic. But, I wont tell you what it is! Ha! The topic is so secret that it is known not even by I (and I'm the one making the topics)
Maybe it will have something to do with memorial day, I dont know, but the point is, you don't...
Moving on to a completely different topic (not drawing topic but a topic to type about) I've been having some issues with the experience of existence. Sometimes reality seems so complex that it is overwhelming. Some people talk about a 6th sense but 5 is plenty for me. I might be listening to somebody speak to me and I try to understand what they are saying but at the same time the artist in me is analyzing the way light has reflected off their shoulder onto their face revealing the down plane of their cheek. Then, what is that smell in the air? fresh spring air, cooled in the afternoon. What about the couch I am sitting on? I feel the fibers it is made of. I need to brush my teeth... See what I mean?
I guess I want to have full conciousness in all of my senses, it seems like a waste to be sensing things that are only absorbed unconciously then filed away, never to be remembered. It is almost like a suffocating feeling when I think about all the stimuli around me, trying to understand it all.
Maybe I should just stick to drawing girls, no?


Day 57 Girl 57

:) inspired by heri's posts 51 (aka 46) & 54 (:


This one is the last one. purple richness.